Rebecca Kathryn

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."

- Audrey Hepburn - 

So this all started when I became a Mum to my beautiful little boy and I was desperate to feel more organised and I needed a place where I could put everything in my head down on paper.   The Coco Planner...

I'm inspired by my love of beautiful stationery, and putting pen to paper, and in a growing world of technology it feels great going back to an old-style of writing everything down. 

Having a planner is your first step to getting organised, by making a habit of writing everything that's inside your head down on paper helps to clear your head for higher thinking and helps you to be more focused. Instead of trying to remember everything yourself, having all of your goals and todos down on paper it's so easy to refer back to because it's written down!

I designed this planner to help you become more intentional with how you organise your days and your weeks, and to live a life on purpose, to achieve more and to make time for those free moments and to use them for what matters to most.

I hope you enjoy this little labour of love and it helps you to make more time for what’s really important to you.



© 2017 by Rebecca Kathryn 

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