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6 Months In....

6 Months to go....

We are half way through 2019 (WHAT?!?) did you, like most of us, have visions set out for this year, did you have a list of things you'd like to get done whether it be personal, financial or career? I'm going to assume your answer is YES because even if you thought it or wrote it down, have you done it?

Of course life happens and not everything goes the way you want it to but let's utilise this mid year point to sit down and REFLECT on the past 6 months, REVIEW the visions or goals you had set for this year and REFOCUS your energy into what matters most.

Reflect - Sit down and look at the goals you set yourself at the beginning of the year, well done for anything you've ticked off!!

Review - Are your goals still the most important things for you, or has your priorities changed in the last 6 months? Is it time to set new goals or if your original ones still stand true can you break them down into smaller achievable chunks to get yourself to that end goal?

Note: The project and goal pages of The Coco Planner are perfect to break down those bigger tasks into smaller objectives to get you to that end result.

Refocus - If you've set yourself new visions or continued with your original ones, now is a perfect a time as any to get re-inspired with what you want to accomplish, of course as the year goes on you tend to forget about what you wanted and you let things slide and you break the habits. But fall back in love with your dreams and get that fire going again.

Why not write yourself an action plan to go along with your list of goals? Hold yourself accountable for what you want to achieve.

Manifest your best life and believe in yourself whole heartedly <3

Happy Planning!

R x

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